#RelationshipGoals’ Couple Who Are Both Working Students Finally Graduated College, 

If you’re a working student, then you’ll probably agree that one of the most difficult challenges you had overcome is balancing your studies with work. Most of the time, you go home tired and exhausted plus you only have a few hours for yourself.

But this couple who are both working students has testified that two people can really engage in study, career and love all at the same time.

The love month has officially ended, but this Facebook user named Rose Marie was still beaming with love and pride as she shares how she achieved this ultimate relationship goal with her boyfriend, John Patrick Peñaflorida.

“This should be the real Relationship goals, working student kami pareho yet we still manage our relationship well,” she captioned her post.

Rose Marie uploaded several photos of her together with her boyfriend, wearing a service crew uniform from a famous fast chain, barista uniform, and their graduation photo.

In the first photo, she stated that they both started as a working student way back in 2012.

“we started from here. Hahahaha *sorry for the photo* di pa ganun kaganda ang quality ng phone cam. this was taken way back 2012 pa yata.”

After that, the couple shifted from working as a service crew to barista, “then we became barista; I left after a year and moved another work but still everything went well.”

Rose Marie eventually left her work for a different job, but their relationship was not affected by her decision.

The next photo is her boyfriend’s graduation photo, which, according to her post was taken last year, followed by her recent graduation photo.

Lastly, the proud girlfriend, shared their individual graduation ceremony, which both of them, of course, attended.

“I was there on his greatest achievement.”

“And he’s there on mine too.”

The post immediately went viral and many netizens admired the couple for working hard to reach their goals in life together.