#RelationshipGoals: BS Architecture Couple Both Graduates as Cum Laude from UP Mindanao

Those who are in a serious relationship may have wished at one point or another that their love story was perfect. Sad truth is, a perfect relationship does not exist. However, you may choose to love someone who has the same dreams and aspirations as you, at the very least, so you can support each other.

Take the long-time couple, John Khenbert L. Yu and Kimberly P. Dospueblos, as an example. The pair has made rounds on social media due to their love story which was tagged as #relationshipgoals.

Both Khenbert and Kimberly earned a bachelor’s degree in Architecture at the University of the Philippines Mindanao. What’s more interesting is, the two of them graduated as cum laude in the said university!

The viral couple became instant celebrities after Khenbert shared on Twitter their academic achievement with the help of friends, relatives, and one another. The proud boyfriend posted a graduation photo of him and Kimberly with the caption that says:

“5-year course, 4 years in a relationship, 3 years of struggle (masaya pa 1st at 2nd yr ng arki), 2 laudes, 1 dream”


During an exclusive interview with When in Manila, the couple shared that UP was really their dream school. However, the two of them have different reasons as to why they took up Architecture.

For Khenbert, he chose Architecture because he thought it was all about drawing houses and buildings, but admittedly, he was wrong.

On the other hand, Kimberly divulged that she knew from the beginning that she had to take up Architecture because she thought it would be “the perfect course that best suited her interests”.

She shared that ever since her grade school days, she had always been fond of Arts and Mathematics, which was why she strongly believed that Architecture was the best course for her.

Although their love story started at around their second year of studying Architecture, throughout the academic and personal struggles, the two looked after each other to finish their undergraduate degree together. They are going stronger more than ever for four years now and counting!

source: wheninmanila