Poor Student Refuses to Quit School, Uses Ballpen Made of Wood and Rubber Band

Many people believe that good education is important to one’s success in life. That’s why a lot of parents invest in a good education for their children.

But this is not always the case, there were also many parents who cannot afford to send their children to school for many reasons. One of this is their lack of financial capability to provide for their child’s needs in school.

However, this student who was born to a poor family in Samar caught the attention of many netizens for not quitting school and for refusing to be absent even if he doesn’t have a proper ballpen.

Although he could not afford to buy a new ballpen, this did not stop him from attending his class, instead, he created a makeshift ballpen made from a ballpen ink refill wrapped inside a small piece of wood and held together by a rubber band.

Because of his diligence in school, many people admired and praised him.

In a recent post by The Philippine Star, they shared some photos of the kid taken from the original post shared by Teacher Maricor Baculanta (Facebook @Moshi De Vera-Bacs) of Union Elementary School in Sta Rita, Samar.

“This kid’s perseverance touched the hearts of netizens
Armed with a makeshift pen made of ballpen refill, a piece of wood and rubber band, a boy from Santa Rita, Samar goes to school despite the lack of school supplies. (Photos courtesy of Maricor Baculanta).”

Instead of complaining to his parents and quitting, this kid made use with the resources he had. Having a ballpen like this must have been a bit difficult to use, but to him, it’s not a big deal as long as he is able to go to school and learn.

Many netizens shared that some kids complain if they don’t get what they want and don’t even care of their school supplies, some also shared that they also experienced something similar back in their youth, but their lives have changed and improved now because of their perseverance.

One netizen even hoped that our government can act and provide assistance to the youth and students who need help.

“Eto sana binibigyang pansin ng pamahalaan at kung sino man ang mga nasa matataas na position. Hindi ung mga personal na issue at kung ano2 pa na hindi naman nkaka bigay nang magandang buhay sa mamamayang Pilipino.”

source: buzzooks