Photos of Old Man Living in a Small Wooden box breaks Netizens’ Heart

On Facebook, a netizen named Xylenejoy Siarot recently shared photos of an old man that appears to be living in a small wooden box in Iligan city.

The heart-breaking post instantly caught the attention of many netizens.

As seen in the photos, the poor old man is inside a wooden box that appears to be at least 5 feet in length, 2 feet in width, and almost 3 feet in height, just long enough for him to lie down if he will sleep, it also appears that he is living beside the road, with no neighbors nearby.

The top of his box house has a piece of metal roofing to prevent water from entering his small house when it’s raining. He also has a rice sack placed in front and back of his wooden box, which acts as a door or curtains so that he can still have cover.

Looking further into the photos, the old man is sitting with his knees bent just to fit inside his box, it also appears that the old man is not wearing any bottom clothes and doesn’t have any extra clothes aside from the one he’s wearing.

The photo uploader shared the photos in social media hoping that someone could provide help to the old man. She also tagged in her post the civic-oriented program Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho, that is known to help those that are in need.

In a previous post of Xylenejoy, she also provided the address of the old man in Barangay Tominobo, Baryo Tabay#2, Iligan City.

Meanwhile, many netizens slammed the photo uploader and said that she should have helped the old man instead of just taking a picture and posting it on social media.

There are also some who said that she should have at least provide other important details so they could send help to the poor old man.