Parent’s Surprised Their Son With Expensive Gaming Computer Set For His 15th Birthday

Making your loved ones feel special during their birthday can be done with a thoughtful gift, such as with items that can be useful for them. But for some, this is also the perfect time where they can make the birthday celebrant feel extra special by fulfilling the gift they wished to receive for this special day.

This is exactly what these supportive parents did when they granted the wish of their 15-year-old son during his birthday.

Photo credits: Photo Lowella Branzuela Almendrala | Facebook

In a now viral Facebook post, Lowella Branzuela Almendrala recently shared some photos and a video of the surprise gift they had for their son Kert Deven, a complete set of gaming equipment.

She also wrote a caption that says, “Wish granted. Surprise birthday gift @Kert Deven Branzuela Almendrala # 15th Birthday # The Crying Baby. You deserved this gift from us anak, ky boutan man ka na bata. We love u so much”

Photo credits: Photo Lowella Branzuela Almendrala | Facebook

The young boy has no idea of the surprise waiting for him inside his room.

When he entered his room, it’s filled with balloons and there’s a birthday greeting on the wall, beside his bed is the grand surprise that his parents prepared for him. The birthday celebrant hugged his mother and cried for so much happiness and joy.

Photo credits: Photo Lowella Branzuela Almendrala | Facebook

Based on the photo, Kert’s parents bought him a gaming computer set with a gaming chair as a gift for his birthday. While the price of a set like this depends on the brand and specs of the computer. Some sets of this kind can cost around Php50, 000 to Php100, 000.

Photo credits: Photo Lowella Branzuela Almendrala | Facebook

As of this writing the viral post has gathered 6,500 reactions and 23,000 shares on Facebook.

Meanwhile, many netizens admired the parents for having the resources to grant their son’s birthday wish. There are also some who commented and tagged their parents and partners, saying that they also want a gift like this for their birthday.