Old Poor-Looking Man Ignored at Bike Shop, Shows Up Cash Money and Ends Up Buying Harley Davidson Worth $24,000

It may not be intentional, but it’s always a common error for people to judge a person by how they look.

If you’ve been down on luck and you try to enter an establishment looking shaggy and dirty, you will most likely be refused service and asked to try other establishments.

An old man from Thailand who was looking ragged went into a bike shop to buy his dream bike. He was wearing an oversized t-shirt which seemed like it has been worn out as the color isn’t as bright as it should be.

He was also wearing dirty looking pants and a pair of slippers. His hair and beard looked unkempt that when you first glance at him, you get the impression that he is a beggar.

He went into one shop to another, and the salespeople seem to ignore him or throw him out of their shop. Fortunately, there was a shop who treated him with hospitality and great service despite his looks.

He finally was able to buy a Harley Davidson bike with the cash he carried with him worth ฿600,000 (Php. 1.2 Million) Imagine that guy carrying a huge cash like that around!

Apparently, the man was a partially retired mechanic who worked his whole life to buy his dream bike. His name was Lung Decha, who probably surprised the shop owner of the bike and taught the readers a huge lesson about “judging the book by its cover.”

It is truly an eye-opener and an inspirational story how he saved money for his dream bike no matter what his age and looks are. We salute you!

source: wereblog