MMK Presents: The Story of a Janitor who Graduates College as a Scholar, at Age 38

Maalaala Mo Kaya or MMK, is is a Philippine drama anthology series broadcast on ABS-CBN every Saturday evenings and is hosted by Charo Santos-Concio. The show features extraordinary real-life stories and anecdotes of ordinary people as well as celebrities.

In their most recent episode titled “Mansanas”, they featured the story of success and perseverance of a father named Emmanuel Ricalde who has strived to graduate by working as a full-time janitor and a scholar in a famous university.

From the tiring work of sweeping or mopping floors during the day to studying at night, 38-year old Emman Ricalde, has conquered difficult challenges in his life.

Because of his patience, diligence, and perseverance, he has reached his goal of finishing college with a degree of BSBA major in Business Management under the Benilde Career Development Program.

Starring actor Joem Bascon, who played the life of Emmanuel “Emman” Ricalde, and Denise Laurel acted as his wife, Maricar.

Emman and Maricar met in a bakery, where he works as a baker and Maricar is the manager. During that time, Maricar was still engaged with her boyfriend, but their wedding didn’t proceed. Emman and Maricar later became close to each other, until Emman has decided to court Maricar.

Her parents did not like him, because Emman is only a high school graduate, but this did not stop them to continue their relationship, soon they were married and started their own family.

His family suffered from severe financial difficulties because Emman’s income as a tricycle driver was not enough for their daily needs, they came to a point where they cannot even buy an apple for their children. Maricar decided to go back to work to help him. In 2014, Emman got a job offer as a janitor in a famous university. Little did he know, this opportunity would turn his life around.

Because of Emman’s innate talent, especially in Mathematics, he was given the chance to continue his studies when he applied for a scholarship for working students in the same University where he works.

He had to juggle work with family life, lectures, study, and assignments. He becomes a janitor by day and struggling scholar by night. At age 38, he had completed the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at De La Salle-College of St. Benilde in 2018.

Emman has shown us all that it’s never too late to study, nor is it impossible to commit to something major in life as long as we put our heart and mind in what we’re aiming for.

“Yung pangarap mo, ‘wag mo iwawala. Lagi mong isipin na may pag-asa at kapag hawak at nasa kamay mo na ang opportunity, pag-ingatan mo na yan,” he said.

source: abscbn