Man Who Went Viral After Posting His “I’m looking For a Girlfriend” Video Finally Gets A Girlfriend

Do you remember the guy who can’t seem to get enough of his 6-pack abs that he wanted the world to see it? The Asian-Australian comedian who went viral on the internet in 2016 after he uploaded a video where all he talks about is how he wants a girlfriend.

The comedian famous by the name Timstar had become the talk of the town for his iconic video ‘I am looking for a girlfriend,’ in which he flexed his skinny chest and abs and proclaimed in numerous ways that he was looking for a girlfriend.

Here’s Timstar’s famous line that he keeps repeating in the video:

“Now, I’ve got a chest, a six-pack and I am back, looking for a girlfriend.”

He also has a video of him flexing and checking himself out while working out at the gym, saying:

“Oh my gosh, I am so massive.”

“This is the type of body that will get you a hundred girls on the beach.”

Well, it seems like the boy looking for a girlfriend in this video is old news because last September, he posted an update on his Facebook account that he is already in a relationship with a woman named Sijia Wang, who is from Gansu, China and also lives in Australia.

Since then, Timmy Sun (Timstar’s real name) has shared multiple photos and videos of himself with the lucky girl, Sijia.

After all the confidence and flexing, he now has a beautiful girlfriend…who would touch his abs.

Meanwhile, many netizens shared their different views on this.

Some were glad that he is finally in a relationship and no longer looking for a girlfriend, while there were also some who were amazed on how did he manage to find a girlfriend.

We hope that their relationship will remain strong and we wish nothing but a happy and loving relationship for Timstar and Sijia.

I’m looking for a girlfriend again (Timstar)