Man Took 10 to 12 Years to Developed an Amazing System of Tree Shaping, Called ‘Pooktre’ a ‘Furniture out of Tree’

There are numerous method used by various artists to carve their trees, just like the famous ‘Japanese bonsai,’ where they use woody plants as a medium to create an artistic design that prevents a plant from reaching its normal size ‘artificially dwarfed’ also known the art of growing ornamental.

Australia-based Peter “Pook” Cook and his partner, Becky Northey have gained international acclaim for their distinctive art of tree shaping, twisting and shaping trees into interesting forms as they grow.

It all started when this Australian-based entrepreneur suddenly wondered if it would be possible to grow his own chair, 20 years ago.

To do this, Peter Cook conducted several experiments using different gardening methods and tree types and recorded all of his observations. With the help of his partner Becky Northey they have developed a system of tree shaping called ‘Pooktre.’

Pook grows the trees into cool shapes as well as furnitures such as coffee tables, bed-ends, candelabras, and even human-shaped tree called ‘living tree people’.

But growing these trees is not that easy, in fact, each pre-designed tree chair was tended and twisted over the course of 7 to 8 years to get the demanded unique form of the furniture, while some even take 10 to 12 years before it can be harvested.

There are also some that will still continually change and evolve with or without the same diligence.

What’s more interesting about their experiment? Their living garden chair is sturdy and completely organic.

Meanwhile, there’s also another guy who shares the same interest as Peter Cook. His name is Gavin Munro, 39-year-old British designer that creates a plastic mold to make molding a lot of trees all at once possible.

To ease the process of tree molding, he uses plastic molds to help create the shapes. Some of his works include a chair, mirror holder and a lampshade.

According to him, “You are not sitting on a chair. You are sitting in someone’s four years of growing.”

Growing Chairs On Trees

source: gtgoodtimes