Korina And Mar Roxas Twin’s Faces and Names Finally Revealed To The Public

Recently, Korina Sanchez and Mar Roxas made a surprise announcement that they are now proud parents to twins, a boy, and a girl, who were “born by surrogacy from our embryos”.

Based on a report, the couple suddenly flew to the U.S. because they were already anticipating the birth of their twins.

On Instagram, the 54-year-old veteran broadcast journalist, Korina Sanchez, shared a photo of her twin’s little feet and wrote a caption that says,

“I think if you believe hard enough, the miracle you most want can come true. Announcing the arrival of our little boy and little girl.”

She even asked her followers for name suggestions for their twins, she continued, “We’re thinking of names. Any suggestions? Jack and Jill? Sonny and Cher? MariKor and KoriMar? Daniel and Kathryn?”

She ended her post with a statement, “Did you ever think it could still happen for me? I never stopped believing.”

Following their big revelation, the veteran broadcast journalist shared her experience as a first time mom together with her husband and how they’re adjusting to their life as a new parents of their newborn twins.

In another Instagram post, Korina introduced her three caregivers namely, Marie Neri, Christine Senador and Jessica Siozan, she said that when she found out that they were having twins, she panicked and hired the three of them.

She also thanked everyone for their the name suggestions for the twins and the outpouring of well-wishes for her little family.

Meanwhile, for her fans who are requesting to see the faces of their twins, Korina made a promise that she’s going to show the exclusive photos of the babies in TV Patrol.

After countless name suggestions, Korina revealed that they have decided to name their twins, Pepe and Pilar.

The first time mom also shared that Pepe, who is older by 30 minutes, sleeps a lot. He has fair skin and “matangos na ilong.”

On the other hand, she describes her baby girl, Pilar, as quite the charmer, and added that her “prinsesa” likes smiling for the camera.

The 54-year-old veteran broadcast journalist also said that she will be sharing their story on her program Rated K.