Homeless Man Who Received Makeover From a Kind Stranger, Reunited With His Family

Just recently, a pastor named Franklin Llanita Goden shared photos of a homeless man’s transformation that immediately caught the attention of the netizens.

He wrote on Facebook: “First I saw him, then I fed him, then I shopped clothing, then bathe him, then brought him to the barber shop, then bring him to McDo. Then, I showed the mall’s life and it made him smile.”

As seen in the photos, the homeless man who was identified as Erwin Dean looked different from how he looked after having his makeover.

According to the kind pastor, Erwin was outside a shopping mall in Quezon City looking for food in the trash when he spotted him. He was moved by the homeless man’s condition, that’s why he went out of his way to cheer him up.

Pastor Franklin decided to help him by giving him a makeover. First, he bought him new clothes and allowed him to take a bath and wash his body before taking him to a barber shop to get a haircut. Then he took him to a mall and showed him around and shared a meal at a famous fast food restaurant.

Many netizens praised him for his generosity. However, there are also some who reacted negatively and questioned his motive for posting what he did on social media.

In the comment section, Franklin responded to his critics and pointed out that he intended for his post to go viral so the homeless man’s family can find and reconnect with him.

In fact, the viral post reached the attention of Erwin’s siblings who immediately recognized their missing brother, and he was soon reunited with his family.

He also mentioned that Erwin’s brother immediately called to thank him for the kindness he showed to their brother.

In another Facebook post, pastor Franklin hopes that his small act of kindness will inspire other people to do the same.

“Thank God for the small thing I have done for others is now an instrument to inspire and influence the whole world,” he said.

SONA: Homeless man's transformation inspires netizens