Filipino Couple Made More than P54 Million a Year by just Staying at Home and Playing with their Children

This California-based couple has turned playtime into a payday, making them more than P54 million by posting YouTube videos of their children playing with toys.

Mark and Rhea, who chose not to reveal their last name because of some privacy concerns are the proud parents behind the popular YouTube channel “Hulyan Maya,” they also go by the YouTube username “ilovemaything.”

The stars of this YouTube channel are Mark and Rhea and their cute little kids Hulyan, Maya, Marxlen, and Aleida!

The couple launched their channel in 2007 before their eldest son, Hulyan was even born, but they only hit the jackpot in 2013 by posting an eight-minute video of Hulyan buying and unboxing a Thomas & Friends Emergency Searchlight set, that marks their success in the industry.

The said video has received more than 27 million views and their channel has already gained 1.6 million subscribers to date.

That’s how this Filipino couple has turned their passion for home movies into a lucrative source of income for their family just by posting videos on Youtube that mainly feature their kids unboxing and playing with various toys.

In fact, the couple had quit their jobs to become full-time parents to their kids and spend more time playing with them. But at the same time earning enough money to pay off their mortgage, buy a house in Southern California in cash and fully fund college-savings accounts of their children.

Mark shared that there were times when they earned around P126,000 a day, depending on the reactions of those who are watching. He also added that the videos cost nothing but the time to make and all you need is basic film making know-how and the passion for creating videos.

But the good thing is they were also able to teach their kids to share their toys, as the couple donates them to the less fortunate children once it starts piling up.

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source: yahoo