Father Who Can’t Afford A Backyard Swimming Pool, Built A DIY Above-Ground Pool

Having our own swimming pool in the backyard is one of the best ways to beat the heat during summer time. However, the main problem is personal pools can be really expensive. In fact, the cost to build professional pools can cost thousands of dollars, that’s why many people can’t afford it.

But this father from Curitiba in Brazil named Jose Franco came up with a brilliant DIY outdoor swimming pool to fulfill his kids’ wishes. Using his creativity and carpentry skills, he builds an inspiring round above-ground swimming pool with a raised wooden deck that made his kids both happy and proud.

Like most kids, Jose Franco’s children constantly begged their father for a backyard pool. But the problem is he couldn’t afford to build a real pool. Thinking outside the box, Jose decided to buy a very simple and inexpensive above-ground pool with plastic walls and sets it up in the backyard.

The creative father built a raised wooden frame around the pool as support. This square frame has been built to cover the above-ground pool and become the backbone of the deck. After completing the frame, he added a wooden deck on top, to make it look like a real pool.

To reach the pool, Jose also added 3 stair steps installed in one corner by using more pallet slats that completes the overall look of the DIY pool. The result is truly amazing and would probably make their neighbors jealous.

With a little bit of hard work and creative ingenuity, the Brazilian father was able to make his kids happy and summer ready. But the best part of all, the cost of building this amazing backyard pool is far cheaper than the professional pool but still produce a great product.

Thanks to his clever idea, many people can now create their own above-ground backyard swimming pool.

source: elitereaders