Daughter Of ‘Kargador’ Now a Teacher, Creates Portraits For Her Students After Entire Class Makes it to Honor Roll

Mailyn Esquelito Akoy inspired many people last year with her story. She went viral and became an inspiration to many for her wonderful outlook in life as well as for proudly recognizing her ‘kargador’ father.

She isn’t one of the people that feel a bit embarrassed when asked what their parents did for a living if they are working a menial or blue-collar job. There was never a time she felt ashamed of her father’s job, instead, she was proud to be a daughter of a ‘kargador’ and wished that she could ease his burden.

Though Mailyn’s family is not well-off and there were people who mocked their family for being too ambitious in sending her to school, her hardworking father still strived to earn the educational fees for his children.

Luckily, Mailyn received a scholarship to study Bachelor of Arts in Economics at Sultan Kudarat State University – Tacurong City Campus in Tacurong City, Sultan Kudarat.

She became an inspiration to many when she graduated from college. Mailyn has proven that everyone has the right to dream and that even the poor could finish their college education if they just try their best.

This year, Mailyn went viral again for creating portraits of all her students because the entire class made it to the Honor Roll.

After graduation, she previously worked at Toyota but eventually take the chance to become a teacher after learning that Notre Dame of Tacurong College – Senior High School Department was looking for a Business Teacher.

Mailyn was assigned as an adviser of the First Section, STEM12 – Q103, and started at the school in the second semester. During that time, no one knew she had actually gone viral for her ‘kargador’ dad and It was only when she became a teacher that they found out about her story.

With such an admirable life story, Mailyn has become an inspiration to many students and other teachers in the school.

At the start of their class, she gave them the challenge to make everyone strive harder to do better in school and promised to give them a gift if everyone makes it to the Honor Roll. The young teacher became close to her students even though she had only been with them for 4 months.

Surprisingly, everyone managed to do their best as all the fifty students in Mailyn’s class made it to the Top 10. Seven of her students are ‘With High Honors’ while the other 43 students are ‘With Honors’.

The proud teacher creates portraits using her talent for drawing and art, for each one of the students in her advisory class, all 50 of them; both as a gift and an encouragement for everyone to continue doing their best in life.

Aside from the 50 students in her advisory class, Mailyn also made nine more portraits for students in other sections.