91-year-old High School Teacher from Aklan is still Sharp and Smart Enough to Teach Physics

Teacher Gonzalo Maravilla or Lolo Maestro proves that age is just a number when it comes to dedication. At the age of 91, the proud Physics teacher is still very much passionate about his profession.

Lolo Maestro, who is fondly called by his students as Sir Along is a high school teacher at the Madyaas Institute at Albasan Numancia, Aklan. He has been teaching since 1950, and after 59 years, the hardworking teacher has no plans of slowing down yet.

The old man shared that his own father, Miguel Maravilla, was one of the founding fathers of their school. Because of that, he had devoted his long life to making sure he tirelessly shares his wisdom to all of his students.

In fact, Sir Along’s Grade 10 students have nothing, but good words to say for their passionate teacher.

Faye Villorente, one of his students shared that Sir Along isn’t like any other elderly. Despite his old age, he is still sharp, smart and cares for them a lot. Aside from teaching them about his subject in Physics, the student added that their kind teacher also reminds and teaches them about good manners and belief in God.

Meanwhile, Sir Along said that he has seen so many changes in his lifetime. He had witnessed generations of students pass him by who was a bit lazy due to the use of gadgets nowadays.

Franklin Ituriaga, Madyaas’ current school principal and most of the teachers had been Lolo Maestro’s pupils. They all have high respect for the old man who’s been a part of their life when they were still his students.

Sir Along said he has no secret to long life, but the 91-year old teacher shared that he was able to maintain a healthy lifestyle by choosing healthy foods like vegetables, he also avoids any form of vice. “Wala akong anting-anting,” he jokingly said.

During his spare time, he would tinker around and fixed electronic gadgets. He also added that he walks from home going to school every day as a form of exercise.

source: facebook