9 Kinds of Fish You Should Avoid to Eat if you Want to be Healthy Always

Alternatively, you can take fish meat instead of red meat which is typically from pork, beef, and chicken that are sometimes overpriced and unhealthy for our health.

Some fishes are not as good as what you really think they are. These fishes are unhealthy and could induce a lot of health-related problems.

Imported Catfish

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Some catfishes, which are grown in a factory or experimental facilities, are being injected with growth hormones to bolster their size and improve their development faster. These are very dangerous and might cause severe health condition such as cancr.


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Some of these fishes contain mercury which is a powerful toxin and poison to the body. These could induce various severe diseases and even death. Atlantic Mackerel are less dangerous compared to some Mackerel that are transported and shipped in 3rd world countries.


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They also contain an amount of mercury that is harmful to the body particularly blackfin and bluefin tuna. Most of these tuna came from farms that feed them with antibiotics and growth hormones.


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They contain harmful fats that are bad for the cholesterol levels of the body. They also promote allergic reaction to some people.


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They got a lot of bad cholesterol, LDL, which could promote stroke in some people. They also eat some industrial wastes in the water and that is why they are unhealthy to eat.


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They are most common in the Vietnam market which mostly came from the Mekong River that is considered as one of the most contaminated rivers in the world. They also contain high amounts of carcinogens.


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It is also the primary mercury-contaminated fish which are often found on the beach. They induce food poisoning.


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It contains gem pyrotoxin which is a substance which is usually not metabolized in the body.

It is better to buy fish in the market or the bargained fishes by the fishermen to ensure a better healthy fish than the ones who bred in the farm.

It is also required to know how to prepare the dishes to prevent symptoms and severe condition. Cooking it in quite a proportion will help us avoid conditions such as indigestion and stomach upset.

source: Brightside