13-Year-Old Student Fell In Love With Her Teacher, Started Dating in 2011, and Married Him Seven Years Later

Feelings are feelings. You can’t help it if your teacher is the person you fall in love with. While many are against with romance between a teacher and a student, we can’t erase the fact that they are human beings as well who are not infallible. It’s not exactly abnormal for two people who see each other on a regular basis to have feelings for each other for an extended period of time.

This is what happened between Vinda Virginia and her former teacher back in her high school days. The two first met each other in SMP Negeri 2 Tenga in Jakarta, Indonesia.

According to the news, Vinda was just 13 years old when her attention was caught by teacher Erwin Pangaila who was already 27 years old at the time. While writing on the blackboard in another class, Vinda noticed his good looks and broad shoulders.

Vinda chanced upon Erwin once more on one of her co-curriculum activities while he was entirely preoccupied with his work. Witnessing him like that, Vinda was instantly swept off her feet and decided right there and then that Erwin was “the one” for him.

Amazingly, the universe heard Vinda’s wishes when Erwin was assigned later on to teach in her class. Unfortunately for the student, she was not the only girl who had a huge crush on him. Apparently, the teacher’s good looks made him the popular male teacher that he was in school, giving Vinda a tough competition.

In order for the teacher to notice her, Vinda stayed in school every after dismissal and took the first move to ask Erwin questions. After a series of queries and several extra classes, Erwin finally developed feelings for Vinda as well and the pair started dating in 2011.

Of course, it was not a smooth-sailing journey for the two as they had to face mean and nasty comments from those around them. Some were criticizing their 14-year age gap while others pointed out how highly immoral it was for a teacher to be dating one of his students. In spite of this, their love story has also supporters who expressed their good wishes on social media.

Seven years later, the couple finally decided it’s time to settle down for real with Vinda sharing her happiness on Facebook saying, “Erwin is my prince, my first love, and also my last one.”

They officially tied the knot on October 5 this year.

source: worldofbuzz