Woman Gets Dumped by Boyfriend for Being Fat, Gets her Revenge by Losing Weight and Looking Fit and Healthy

Jini, a South Korean social media influencer, once believed she had found the one, but her dreams were shattered when her then boyfriend took her to a mirror one day and told her to take a look at herself.

Weighing over 100 kg at the time, her ex-boyfriend heartlessly told her to “wake up” and “not be so fat”. It did not only ruin Jini’s self-esteem but also break her heart.

After their failed relationship, she realized that she must lose weight – not for him or anyone else, but for the sake of her own well-being.

Jini wished to avoid heart problems and clogged blood vessels from all the cholesterol she had been consuming so she changed her lifestyle and bad habits by working out at the gym regularly and implementing a strict and healthy diet. Impressively, she has lost a whopping 50 kg since the day she started and has never felt any better.

Jini’s inspiring journey had caught the attention of netizens from all over the world when she started a blog where she records her progress and uses it as a platform to share delicious yet healthy recipes.

As seen on her photos, it’s clear that she used to be much larger than average-sized girls. Admittedly, she shared that she had a big love for fried chicken and would have it every week.

Like most of us, she tried to do different kinds of weight loss methods, but several attempts failed. So when she saw progress from sports and dieting, she knew she has found the right method for her. She now cooks all her meals, consisting fruits for breakfast, half a bowl of rice and vegetables for lunch, and salad with lean meat for dinner.

As for exercising, Jini encourages everyone to start simpler habits by moving a lot. For example, take the stairs instead of using the elevator. Moreover, start with simple exercise routines that are easier to perform. Once you get the hang of these habits, it’s going to be easier to expand from there.

In addition, Jini highly discourages eating sweet and oily food. She said they must be avoided at all costs or exercising will just be a waste of time and energy. She said seeing numbers change in a weighing scale highly motivates her so she bought one for personal use.

Jini said that everything wouldn’t have happened if she didn’t believe in herself. She also confessed that her ex-boyfriend tried to win her back and even had the audacity to say that his feelings “never changed”. Good thing she turned him down and focused on creating a better life for herself. For sure, Mr. Right is on his way.

source: goodtimes