This Jollibee Service Crew Went Viral After he was Caught on Camera Feeding a Blind Man

While there are some people in this world who care less for the lives of others and more about themselves. This selfless young man proves that humanity still exists and it can be found even to the most ordinary person.

Recently, a netizen named Quiram Lhen Guillen Dequiso uploaded photos of a Jollibee service crew who is feeding a blind man on her social media account.

Based on the caption of her post, she witnessed how a Jollibee crew willingly feed a blind man when he saw him having a hard time feeding himself. The blind man was alone when he entered the fast food branch and ordered his meal. After a while, a service crew noticed that he was groping and realizes that the man was blind. The service crew immediately accommodate the blind man and patiently feeds him.

The uploader praised the crew for the empathy he showed to the blind man. She has decided to take a photo and shared what she witnessed, she also wishes that more blessings will come to the young man.

Many netizens were touched by the crew’s gesture towards the helpless blind man.

Some even call him a “hero” for doing such a good deed, while there are some who hope that his story will inspire other people to do such good things.

Here are some of the comments from the netizen:

“Saludo ako say kuya,,God bless you sana maraming ganyan ngayon,,,,,katulad mo.”

“Ang bait mo boy ikaw ang halimbawa pra tularan ka sa iba mabuhay ka.”

“Yan ang dpat bnibigyan ng parangal,mabuhay ang may mga ugaling Pilipinong ganyan.”

The young man proves that helping people and giving a bit of ourselves to other people does not require a high status in life.

In fact, everyone can be a good Samaritan as long as their heart tells so. Just like the old saying, “it is better to give than to receive.” It will make us feel happy and fulfilled knowing that we are able to do good things to others in so many different ways.