This ‘Grandpa’ YouTuber went Viral after Writing Down all his Subscribers’ Name and Thank them Individually

Meet the Brazilian YouTuber Nilson Izaias Papinho, an adorable senior citizen who has decided to become a YouTuber because he only wanted to interact with other people.

Because of his thoughtfulness and sweet personality, his followers call him “avô” or “grandpa.”

The old man loves to create vlogs about the flowers and fruits in his garden and many simple things like showing the viewers his Bible and keyboard.

Nilson Izaias made a YouTube channel that features his wide range of interest. From doing gardening, baking a cake to the art of making slime, he would also share a little part of himself to the world through his videos like his simple way of having breakfast.

So far, Nilson had made 51 videos on YouTube, 7 of which were dedicated to making slime for kids.

Here are some of his slime making video hits: “I tried to make a slime. It did not work.”, “I made a slime. This time it worked out.”

Just recently, Nilson’s YouTube videos has taken the internet by storm because of his genuine, heartwarming gratitude-filled videos.

To show how much he appreciated his followers, Nilson writes down in a notebook the name of each and every user who subscribes to his channel and extends his gratitude towards them by reading out their names.

He started this unique gesture a couple of months ago and has been posting them since. His immense gratitude pure heart made him stand out from the rest.

In fact, the adorable grandpa has made at least 3 videos dedicated to thanking his followers.

By the end of January, Nilson reportedly had a very respectable number of subscribers. However, when his videos of showing appreciation go viral, it boosted his YouTube channel, and the number of his subscribers as well. It grew from almost 2,000 subscribers to 19,000 within a week.

As of writing, Nilson now has 4 million subscribers from all over the world which might take long for him to finish all of his shout outs.

source: unilad