This Brazilian Artist Creates Beautiful Beds For Animals Made From Recycled Old Tires

People often throw away things that they no longer needed.

But this young Brazilian artist by the name Amarildo Silva has discovered a better way to turn the old tires thrown in the streets into a comfortable and unique animal bed for pets.

The young artist is certainly one of those who has a good heart because he likes to help reduce the amount of garbage on the street by turning them into something people could use again.

But this time the craftsman has decided to make something useful for the animals and pets.

He started making animal beds after seeing that stray animals in the street often use old tires as their shelter.

Today, the decorated animal beds that he makes, not only reduce the amount of garbage around him, but it also helps him to earn money as well.

He dedicated one of his rooms to store all the old tires that he collects and works in his backyard.

Amarildo would first wash the tires before cutting them and placing a soft cushion and a pillow inside. He then paints the tires and creates unique designs. Lastly, he would add the pet’s name to finish the new bed.

Besides making animal beds, the young artist also makes flower pot crafted from tires when he is not busy.

The young artist started the project two years ago and does not plan on stopping anytime soon.

In fact, after the success of this project, Amarildo turned it into a full-time business. He started his own business, called Caominhas Pets, where he sells his recycled animal beds.

But aside from selling, his business also supports animal rescue in Brazil.

Many people praised Amarildo because his business not only supports animal in Brazil but also contributes to the well-being of the planet by reducing waste and promoting a socio-environmental system.

Source: elitereaders