These Street Children from Samar Creates Artworks and Sell it for Only Php1 to Php5

In almost every corner of the streets here in the Philippines, you will find a number of street children who follow you around to ask for some money. These children struggle daily to fend off hunger and exploitation on the streets.

Every day, these children have to face the recurring problem of cold, hunger, lack of education, lack of sanitation, and sometimes even abuse and exploitation.

If they’re lucky enough, some people will give them money or food, but most of the times people find these children annoying and irritating as they desperately ask for some money no matter how many times you say no to them.

Not to mention the sad reality that many people avoid them, thinking that poor children living in the streets are adept at taking your money without you noticing.

But these street children in Calbayog, Samar, caught the attention of the netizens because of their unique way to ask for some help, instead of directly asking money from the people. They offer their cute drawings and sell it for a cheap price of Php1 to Php5!

Adrian Moslares created the post about the story of these street children in his Facebook account last February 20, where he wrote, “Salute to this Calbayognon Artist!”

As seen in the photos, the children are only using discarded pieces of cartoon boxes and colored their drawings all by themselves. They displayed all their artwork on the sidewalk that serves as their makeshift art gallery, hoping that some passerby would stop to buy some of their drawings.

Looking at their works, you will surely admire the effort they put to create their adorable masterpieces, but don’t expect it to be majestic masterpieces like the ones created by a real artist.

Many netizens hoped they could buy from these hard-working young ones. But because they are located in the far province of Samar, netizens just called out the attention of the people in the area to support these children.

While it’s truly saddening to see these children, who should be playing and enjoying a happy, carefree, nurtured childhood, are forced to face the harsh realities of life at their young age. But if we only open our eyes and our heart to the plight of these street children, it may even be harder not to give at all.

source: rachfeed