The Viral Mistress, Maggie Mae De Jesus Finally Breaks Her Silence, Says “She has the heart of Gold”

If you’re familiar with the story of the beautiful legal wife, Marian Santiago, whose story went viral after her big revelation about her cheating husband and his co-worker in the US.

Now, the alleged mistress, Maggie Mae De Jesus also revealed her side of the story after receiving too much bashing from netizens.

Of course, there’s always two sides of every story, it’s now up to the people whose side are they going to believe.

In a recent post of a Facebook Page named Maggie Mae De Jesus, the viral mistress shared a lengthy post claiming that she is the real one and created the page because she wants to address the netizens, the wife, and both Marian and her husband’s family.

According to Maggie, all of her social media accounts were temporarily deactivated due to some privacy reason. But she is not denying that she is a mistress, she even admitted that she has done something wrong.

“This is the real Maggie Mae de Jesus, the viral “KABIT” that you are talking about. I created this page to sincerely apologize to the family I put on grudges. Beware of all catfish because I temporarily disabled all my accounts on social media for privacy reasons, I am not here to do silly things but to admit the things I have done wrong. I know you won’t believe my side because upon the story of Mrs. Marian Clarisse Santiago Barte I am the worst; when i know i don’t. I am here to stand my side but also to admit my wrong. I can’t take it anymore, all the insults from the people depending on what i look. I know i’m not that pretty as the wife, but i know i have the heart of gold. Please hear me out.”

Maggie explained her side of the story and said that Marian’s husband was her workmate, but the truth is that he approached her first and asked her out one day, for a coffee. And that’s how their love story started.

“Both of us became closer and closer where almost everyday we spend fun time together longing for our family far from a distance. until one day he open up everything to me, he told me that he has a wife and a child that he misses so much and at first i wasn’t really expecting him to open up with me about this certain things but i really appreciate it from the thought that it’s like he was a long term bestfriend talking up upon the life that he has with his family.”

Since then, they often spend time together and became comfortable with each other, until one day, the guy admitted that he has a wife and a daughter back in the Philippines. By that time, she knew that she should not assume anything from this guy who has a family that can be destroyed.

“He was so calm that day where he almost spend all the rest of the night with me doing nothing but kept on talking things upon the history of our lives. Till the day came where it’s like everyday every minute he always looks at me even at work, he always makes time on checking me, he always ask me if how i’m doing even if he can just see me at the office, he always stares at me as if it was something that’s unusual for the both of us. That moment i know myself that i shouldn’t assume something about his actions and i know that from the moment i would, i could wreck a family.”

She went on and said that the guy admits that he likes her, which she denied and told him that he was just being confused because of his distance with his wife. But the guy insisted, and talked about his wife’s shortcomings.

“He then told me that he likes me, but i denied the term and told him that he was just confused because he was far from a distance with his family but he kept on saying things that it’s not about the distance it’s about who’s willing to take care of someone, then he got me there. He told me everything his wife couldn’t gave him, all her runts, her complaints about the money, her judgements towards him and everything. he even told me that she couldn’t even say things that he was longing. I’m sorry for the words Mrs. Barte but that’s what your husband are telling me. Every day he kept on showing me the care that i am searching for, he was so kind, pure , sweet and handsome not knowing that i was already falling for him.”

In the last part of her post, she said that she already cut the ties between them, she also added that she is just a victim of the truth.

“Yes i know, I am “marupok” I am “kabit” I am “ugly” I am “not perfect” and that’s my fault. That’s why I admit it and I am here to take all the responsibilities on what i did. Go on, bash me. I know it’s my fault but I already cut ties with him. I am so sorry for the Barte’s family. I know it’s not that easy to forgive me but it takes time, I am a girl and I am also a victim of the truth. I am so sorry.”

Photo credits: Charotism | Facebook 
Photo credits: Charotism | Facebook 
Photo credits: Charotism | Facebook