Selfless 10-Year-Old Boy Rescued Trapped Animals From The Destruction Of Hurricane Willa

Last year, there were hundreds of thousands of residents in Nayarit, Mexico who tried to look for shelter in the wake of Hurricane Willa.

This natural disaster had caused great destruction and material losses over the western coast of Mexico and was one of the strongest tropical cyclones that hit the country since Hurricane Lane in 2006.

Thousands of people were stranded in the tragedy and tried to leave the city to find a safer place. However, in the middle of a situation like this, animals are sometimes ignored and left behind by humans to fend for themselves.

That’s why this 10-year-old selfless boy has captured the hearts of many people when he saves some animals trapped in the flood. Jostyn Dilan Cabrera Ramírez takes his time to help animals like chicken and dogs.

As seen in the photo, the young boy was protecting chicken and dogs that he rescued from the flood as he places them inside a big plastic tub.

Jostyn didn’t hesitate to save the animals and he managed to rescue six dogs and two chickens, all of them which belong to his neighbors.

According to Sopitas, the 10-year-old boy has a disability that affects the way he walks, but his disability didn’t stop him to rescue these creatures.

The brave young boy braces the ankle-length floodwater all by himself while placing one hand on the tub as he walks.

After his story went viral, TRAC Sinaloa was so touched that they later tracked Jostyn and donated some food to the animals.

Thanks to this young boy’s selfless and kind act, he once again proves that a true hero doesn’t need superpowers. His great love and affection for animals already show how heroic and sincere children can be.

We can only hope that this small act of kindness can be a good example to inspire other people to act bravely just like this young boy did.