Runaway Groom Who Left his Bride 1 Month Before their Big Day Returns Wedding Expenses and Reclaim the Ring

Do you remember the story of a bride who recently seeks help from Raffy Tulfo’s program after her groom run away and called it quits one month before their wedding day?

Mary Rose Besmonte went back to the show, but this time around, her supposed to be the groom, Melvin Tamayo is also present together with his mother.

After the bride’s first appearance in the said show, their story instantly went viral and received mixed reactions from the netizens.

On their face-to-face confrontation, the viral couple Melvin Tamayo and Mary Rose Besmonte have finally decided to put an end into their relationship.

Photo credits: Raffy Tulfo in Action

Melvin and Mary Rose left their hearts out and focused on the splitting of expenses made for their supposed wedding last December. They went at the back of the studio to talk about the settlement accompanied by their respective mothers.

Then, they began to compute all the expenses and present their documents and receipts as proof. Initially, they’ve decided to split the expenses in half to be fair to each other, which causes another heated confrontation.

Mary Rose said that it’s actually the groom’s responsibility to shoulder all the expenses during a wedding, but Melvin’s mother suddenly interferes, saying that it still depends on their initial agreement, which is to split it in half. Both of them are not agreeing to the terms and presented their own computations.

Photo credits: Raffy Tulfo in Action

In the middle of their confrontation, Raffy then speaks out and tried to give out his own opinion in their situation. He said that they should agree on one thing, whether both of them are splitting up the money.

After that, the confrontation between Mary Rose and Melvin’s mother continues, while Mary Rose’s mother keeps silent in a corner, this caught Raffy’s attention and asked her side about the situation. She said that she doesn’t want to be involved in their issue and only waiting for the ex-couple to arrive on their settlement conditions.

Photo credits: Raffy Tulfo in Action

After lots of arguments, the two finally agreed to the conditions that Melvin will pay the 49,000 to Mary Rose upon surrendering the ring given to her after the proposal.

To keep it documented, they went to the Barangay the next day to formally settle their issues.

Once again the viral ex-couple caught the attention of the netizens who are claiming that the two are better off apart. They also received a lot of criticism on the social media, calling Melvin as gay and Mary Rose as a nagger.


source: pinoyscooper