Remember Shan Cai from the First Meteor Garden TV Series? Here’s What She Looks and Life Now

Even before the Philippines has been swept by K-dramas, there was probably no other series that sparked a huge fandom all around the country than Meteor Garden from Taiwan.

It was first aired in 2003 and has been re-aired a few more times due to insistent public demand. It was such a huge hit that fans went all out crazy over the main cast: Jerry Yan, Vic Zhou, Vanness Wu, Ken Chu, and Barbie Hsu.

15 years later, Filipinos still haven’t recovered from the Meteor Garden fever. As years passed, their fondness for the manga-based series just grew all the more intense, especially now that a new adaptation is kicking off the primetime.

But have you ever wondered how the bubbly ray of sunshine, Shan Cai, looks like now? The center of the F4’s love feud and the envy of ladies is named Barbie Hsu in real life. As a matter of fact, she got involved with a real-life romance with one of her co-stars, Vic Zhou, years after Meteor Garden’s airing. The two dated exclusively until they decided to call it quits three years after, without revealing any reason about the break-up.

Fast forward to 2018, Barbie is still acting and performing. She’s currently in a girl group called S.O.S. and has been married for eight years now with Chinese mainland restaurateur, Wang Xiaofei, who is five years her junior.

They have two children together, although Barbie had to terminate her third pregnancy a few months back as her doctor could not detect the embryo’s heartbeat.

Despite the loss, the 41-year-old actress remains positive in life and even looks younger than her true age. Her beauty secrets?

Drinking warm lemon juice and rose tea every day and getting enough sleep – the former hydrates the skin while the latter repairs and restructures it.

In her best-selling beauty book, Barbie unveiled the fundamental importance of a simple, pressure-free lifestyle.

She also emphasized the importance of protecting our skin from the sun by applying sunscreen and bringing an umbrella outdoors.

Another part of her routine is making snow fungus soup part of her diet thrice a week to replenish the collagen, which is said to help reverse aging.