Poor Japanese Guy Who Was Left By His Filipina Wife, Now Works With Php90,000 Salary

Do you remember the poor Japanese guy who seeks the help of Raffy Tulfo, because his wife left him and their four children for another man?

Hiroyuki Saito used to have a good life and he was able to provide for his family, with a salary of over Php55,000, but after losing his job, his wife, Rodina Tejima left him for an 18-year-old guy.

The noble guy was then having trouble feeding his kids. With the help of Raffy Tulfo in Action show, he was able to talk to his wife, but she refuses to come back to her family and she said that she would only take the kids. After that, Raffy gave Hiroyuki Php8,500 so he and the kids can have food and fare back home.

Photo credits: Raffy Tulfo in Action 

He also helped to fix their little home and even pay for the rent worth and bills for 3 months, and treat Hiroyuki’s kids to a shopping spree. But aside from that, the kind-hearted host gave him a laptop so he could find another job.

Photo credits: Raffy Tulfo in Action 

Many netizens were touched by this family’s plight and admired the Japanese guy for not leaving his children, despite the difficult situation he was going through. He cared for his kids as best as he could and had sold nearly all of their stuff, just to ensure his kids can eat.

On the other hand, Raffy Tulfo shared a recent update that Japanese guy went back to the station to thank him and the staffs of the show for the help and support and for providing him a way to rise from his difficult situation.

Photo credits: Raffy Tulfo in Action 

He also mentioned that Hiroyuki receives a lot of messages from those who want to be his girlfriend.

But that’s not all, because he is bilingual, knowing Japanese, Tagalog and English, Hiroyuki was hired in a call center with a high salary of Php90,000 per month.

Meanwhile, Raffy also shared that Hiroyuki’s eldest daughter and his youngest child, the one with the special need was currently with his ex-wife, while the two other is with him.


source: rachfeed