Netizens Praise Teacher For Helping a Student with Oversized Shoes and Baggy Pants Owned by His Older Brother

It’s heartbreaking how millions of children around the globe could still not go to school due to various reasons. Some are forced to look after their siblings, others have to work at an early age to help support their family, while others can’t simply afford to pay for school fees or buy themselves a uniform.

While he is able to go to school, this is somehow the sad reality of a Grade 3 student from Sungai Petani, Malaysia. Since his parents could not provide him with proper uniforms his size, he ended up wearing a hand-me-down from his older brother, too large for his physique.

Apparently, he was trying to keep the saggy old pants from falling to his feet by securing it with one of his hands and was dragging his feet in the oversized shoes. Witnessed by the teacher, Mohd Nasir Mohd Zain, struggling to walk across the school yard, the boy was asked about his situation.

“I asked him why was he walking like that. He told me that he couldn’t walk properly because his shoes were too big for him. I could fit three fingers in the space in his shoes,” the teacher shared.

He found out that the worn out pants and shoes the boy was wearing were actually owned by his older brother who was a Grade 6 student. Moved by his unfortunate state, the teacher decided to buy the kid a new set of uniform that would actually fit him properly.

He then asked consent from the school principal and took the boy to Kepala Batas, a not far off town with a department store that sells uniforms and shoes.

He got the kid a set of uniform and a pair of shoes, making sure that he would never have to drag his feet over the school premises for the same reason ever again.

source: buzzooks