Miss Universe Vietnam 2018 H’Hen Nie Visits the Philippines and Enjoys Eating ‘Tuyo’ with an Entire Bowl of Rice

Miss Universe Vietnam 2018 H’Hen Nie might be one of our very own Catriona Gray’s major contenders from the previously held Miss Universe pageant, but she certainly is considered the darling of the crowd among Filipinos. She doesn’t even need to have the blood of one at that!

Many Filipinos admired her humble beginnings – from sending herself to school by becoming a nanny to becoming a model and, eventually, a beauty queen that she is today. Not only is she adored for her hard work and determination, but countless of fans are also touched by her kind and down-to-earth persona.

By going back to her hometown after bagging the Miss Universe Vietnam 2018 crown to share her blessings to the unprivileged people in her neighborhood and donating her total winnings from being a runner up in Miss Universe 2018, H’Hen just proved that she’s beyond worthy of all the love she’s getting right now.

For an unknown reason, H’Hen set foot in the Philippines and was met at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) by Anjo Santos, her Filipino coach. Numerous fans also came to greet the beauty queen at the airport and she was so delighted with the warm welcome she received in the country.

She even shared a video and some photos of her arrival at the airport on her Instagram account, with the caption:

“Mabuhay Philippines! Here we come ❤️ I’m so happy to see my coach again, Anjo Santos ? Thank you so much for your warm welcome, Philippines ❤️ ? @tuankhoi02 #MyJourney #Philippines.”

But what made the Filipino netizens immensely happy was learning that one of the beauty queen’s favorite foods is ‘tuyo’ (dried fish).

Photo credit: @hhennie.official / Instagram

She even posed with the dried fish happily and ate it along with her chicken meal. She also revealed that she could finish an entire bowl of rice with just one piece. Filipinos just couldn’t agree more!

Photo credit: @hhennie.official / Instagram

“This is ‘Cá Khô’, my hometown food and also ‘Tuyo’ in the Philippines. My favorite!! I can consume a whole bowl of rice with one of this fish ???,” she shared.

source: buzzooks