Meet Harold: The Poor Boy who Turned his Rubber Slipper into an Eraser

Poverty keeps many children from economically poor families away from schools. This situation can also handicap learners and lead them to fall behind classmates or even quit school in frustration. However, there are some who still continue to face these challenges in order to have a better life in the future.

Just like this young boy from the Philippines who believes that being poor is not a reason for him to stop attending school.

Harold Labutong is a grade 2 student from Engracio M Castañeda Central Elementary School in La Paz, Tarlac. The young boy came from a poor family that’s why his parents cannot afford to buy him proper stationeries like the other students have in their pencil cases. In fact, the young boy doesn’t have his own eraser and he usually borrows from his classmate. This made him think of a creative way to provide an eraser that he can actually use in class.

In a video uploaded by GMA News, Harold’s teacher shared the story where the young boy got the idea of using his rubber slipper as an eraser.

One day, Harold asked his classmate if he could borrow his eraser. His classmate later told him that the eraser he borrowed was made from a rubber slipper. The young boy was having a hard time using the eraser because it’s too small, he then tried to use his rubber slipper as an eraser which made the work easier for him.

Since then, the young boy has started to use his own slipper to erase any mistakes he made in writing using his pencil.

His class teacher also noticed that Harold was still using the same pencil he had from last year, that’s why the pencil has become extremely short and uncomfortable for him to use. But despite of his situation, Harold remains positive as he does not want to throw the opportunity to study and fulfill his dreams.

Harold was a diligent and smart student in his class, aside from that, he is also kind and selfless, when he learned that his rubber slippers could be used as an eraser he always shares it with his classmates.

The young boy even said during the interview that he wanted to be a fisherman someday, just like his father. This dream may be simple for many, but what’s more important is that he already has plans for his future.

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source: GMA News Youtube