Manny Pacquiao Revealed that Jinkee Tearfully Pleaded to their Eldest Son, Jimuel not to Pursue Boxing

Emmanuel ‘Jimuel’ Pacquiao, Jr began his boxing training while his father was still preparing for his world welterweight title defense against Adrien Broner back in January.

The 19-year-old eldest son of Manny recently made headlines after a video sparing of him during an exhibition match against his school mate, Lucas Carson was posted on Facebook.

After the video went viral, many people speculate that he is already preparing to follow his father’s footsteps in the field of boxing. However, the eight-division title holder said that he had urged Jimuel to stay out of the ring.

During a recent television interview on ANC, Senator Manny Pacquiao revealed that Jimuel’s desire to enter the field of professional boxing made the young man’s mother cry many times.

The program host, Karen Davila asked Manny if he wants his eldest son to be a boxer like him.

Manny answered that he and his wife are actually discouraging him to enter the ring. In fact, they even took steps in the household to prevent his kids to do boxing. The eight-division titleholder said that they don’t have any boxing equipment or boxing gloves, instead, they put a basketball court in their home.

“Dini-discourage namin talaga and then sa bahay wala kang makitang boxing gloves o any boxing equipment sa bahay. Basketball meron. May court kami,” Manny said.

Manny also revealed that Jinkee has already cried a couple of times begging his son, Jimuel to stop boxing.

Photo credits: Headstart ng ANC

“Yung mommy niya ilang beses na umiyak na, para lang sabihing ’Wag kang mag-boxing, anak.’ Ako masakit din sa akin na mag-boxing siya kasi alam ko kung gaano kahirap ‘yung boxing,” he said.

He even explained to his son that he only entered boxing because of poverty.

“Sabi ko nag-boxing lang ang daddy mo dahil sa kahirapan. Naging boksingero ako dahil sa kahirapan para masuportahan ko pamilya natin,” Manny expalined.

Photo credits: Jinkee Pacquiao | Facebook

But the young Pacquiao seems to be determined to pursue a career in boxing.

“Gusto talaga niya, eh,” he said

According to Manny his son told him that boxing is also his passion.

“Daddy, like you, boxing is my passion also. I want to be the representative of this country as an athlete,’’ he shared.