Man with Awesome Talent Improvised a Go-Kart to Transport Firewood Down a Busy Highway

Almost every day we hear of innovations from different fields reminding us that humans are capable of remarkable creativity.

Take this awesome man as an example when he improvised a small go-kart as a means of transporting firewood while strutting impressive driving skills on a busy highway.

The said man was encountered by a motorist on the streets of Brazil. They were blown away by sight and immediately filmed the resourceful fellow as he maneuvered the go-kart down the spiral freeway. It was like Mario Kart brought to real life minus the mushrooms and banana peels.

The footage follows the man all the way down a busy highway. At one point, there was a jittery moment when he maneuvered the go-kart next to a huge bus which has come to a halt on the road.

People were understandably apprehensive given that the makeshift go-kart was too low on the ground making it hard for him to be noticed by the bus driver. Nonetheless, he passed the obstacle without difficulty.

The kart was heavily loaded with firewood which made a scratching sound throughout the video. There was also a sack attached to the firewood. People have noted that he could have launched the bag like a Koopa shell at the motorists behind him.

It may appear like the go-kart was driven at an unhurried pace. However, the motorist showed his odometer to document their speed at the time. The motorist himself was going at 52 mph with the man being ahead by a pawn.

The impressive video was a hit on the internet. Interestingly, it also provides a peek at how traffic works differently in Brazil.

One netizen mentioned that improvised go-karts are a common mode of transportation in Brazil especially among workers who use the karts to deliver their commodities like what the awesome man has done with his firewood.

However, no matter how cool the video may be, it is not suggested to follow in the man’s footsteps specifically his unconventional mode of transport.

Go-karts are not secure to drive on busy highways so if you need some adrenaline to kick in, it’s rather best to stick with Mario Kart.