Lucy Torres Reveals Why Her “Unica Hija” Juliana Gomez Never Had a Sibling

The Gomez family is definitely near picture-perfect. Having an only child means celebrity couple Lucy Torres and Richard Gomez get to give their all-out attention and love to their lovely daughter Juliana. Thanks to their love and affection, she grew up into this fine young lady.

Last September 8, Juliana turned 18, holding a disco-themed dance party at the Bench Tower in Bonifacio Global City and invited more than 200 of her friends. Today, she remains as her parents’ unica hija. Why is that, if you may ask?

Just recently, her actress-turned-politician mother revealed the reason behind this major decision of their family. As it turned out, Juliana wasn’t fond of the idea of having a younger sibling back in her childhood days. In her recent Instagram post, Lucy wrote:

“When she was little, and we’d say our bedtime prayers together, I would ask her to help me pray for a baby brother or sister for her. She would listen intently, wide-eyed, nodding as if in agreement, then she would break into a smile and say gently but firmly, ‘Mama, dog na lang.'”

It’s clear that the little Juliana didn’t seem to share her parents’ enthusiasm about having another child. However, even though she grew up without any sibling, she never felt sad, thanks to her wide circle of friends.

In one of Lucy’s interviews, the congresswoman said, “She’s like her dad, e. She’s really big on friends. I see the wisdom in that because through the years, the ones who have become like family to us are really from Richard’s wide network of friends. He has [friends] from when he was small. He doesn’t end friendships. I remember one time, maybe five years ago, she [Juliana] said, ‘Mama, ‘di ba I’m an only child? But look at my banyo, I have 11 toothbrushes!’ Because all her female friends sleep over. I love it when the house is filled with her friends, so they take over the kitchen and they bake.”

source: virtualpinoy