Look: Viral Photo of a Grade 1 Student Who Stopped Along The Road To Pay Tribute To The National Anthem 

It should be automatic for us Filipinos to stop and join in the singing whenever the national anthem ‘Lupang Hinirang’ is being played. However, many Filipinos today tend to forget paying respect to our flag and national anthem in any events.

Recently, a Facebook page, The Freeman shared a photo of a 9-year-old patriotic boy who stopped walking just to pay tribute to the national anthem he has heard.

The post has a caption that says, “LOOK: With hand on his chest, Grade 1 pupil Jerick Caminero, 9, of Bogo Elementary School in Argao town, southern Cebu stops to pay tribute to the Philippine national flag as he listens to the national anthem being sung from where he is standing on the road.”

The young boy in the photo was identified as Jerick Caminero, who is a Grade 1 student in Bogo Elementary School in Argao, Southern Cebu.

Meanwhile, Glynis Amazona, who originally took the photo said that there were other pupils around the area during the flag ceremony, but it was only Jerick, who stopped and pays his respect to the national anthem.

She also added that the young boy didn’t bother even if he noticed that the passengers in the bus were already staring at him.

Because of his Patriotism, Jerick has captured the hearts of the netizens because he serves as a good example of being real Filipino. While some admired the young boy for being well disciplined because he knew the true value of respect.

He also serves as an inspiration to others to give more respect not just to the government or the national flag, but to the symbolism of our country.

Check out some of the comments from the netizens:

“dong Jerick my respect to you saludo ko nimo dong, God be with you always”

“A salute to you boy as a respect of our nationality and our country good bless u..”

“It’s a very good example having patriotism”

Jerick’s actions remind us that one does not need to be an advocate, ambassador, politician or have a government position to become a role model, because being patriotic already does.

source: pinoythinking