Heartbreaking Story: Wife Cheated on Husband for 5 Years, Admits She is Just Trying to Unwind

The cornerstone of a healthy relationship is trust and respect. This is indeed something that everyone deserves. However, there are some people who only give importance of themselves and how they feel, without even considering other people’s feelings.

Love is not enough to have a healthy relationship, you also need mutual respect, because if this is not present, it can destroy a marriage quickly, or more often, lead to a painful, stressful and unhappy life for a couple.

The story of this 33-year-old tailor named Richard Dela Trinidad was previously featured in one of the episodes of the program, Raffy Tulfo in Action. He went to Raffy to complain about his wife, Christine Dela Trinidad, who was cheating for already 5 years.

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According to his story, he and his wife were high school sweethearts, but things have changed when they got married. Afterwards, he has discovered that his wife is having an affair with a certain Robert “Bobby” Chavez, who is working as an OIC in RCBC bank.

Raffy then called Richard’s wife, but she said that she already stopped her affair with her lover one year ago. The unfaithful wife even added that she’s only doing this to ‘unwind’. She also admits that Bobby is also married, that’s why she had broken up with him as she was thinking about their respective children.

Photo credits: News5 | Youtube

The martyr husband cried while saying that he only wants to make her leave her lover for good and return to him and their two children. He still believes that his wife was just lying and she is still meeting up with her lover.

When Raffy asked Christine if she can still fix their relationship, she admits that she no longer wants to be with her husband saying that she no longer deserves him because of all that she has done to him in the past.

Photo credits: News5 | Youtube

Upon hearing this, Raffy advised Richard that he should just move on because it was clear that her wife, Christine no longer loves him.

Raffy Tulfo once again gives help to this man who needs someone to lean on.

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source: News5 , Rachfeed