Look: Old Man Buys Brand-New Motorcycle In Cash, Using The Php10 Coins He Saves For 2 Years

If you’re planning to buy something you really like, it’s a good idea to ascertain that you… First, consider a realistic plan for its use, think about your plans for the item why do you want to purchase it. Second, if you really need it and want to buy the item, determine if you have enough amount of money to purchase it.

Keep in mind that you also need to buy wisely and evaluate if you can afford to pay cash for the item without depleting your emergency fund. But if the purchase will throw off your spending and put you in debt, then it’s better to consider other ways like buying items on an installment basis or saving money first before purchasing.

Just like the story of this old man from Dumangas, Iloilo, who patiently waited for 2 years to finally buy his dream motorcycle.

The story was shared on Facebook by a netizen named Angel Gel Azarb last February 15.

Angel uploaded photos of an old man named Rodrigo M. Cosio who recently went to Rusi Dumagas outlet, a motorcycle dealership in Barangay Tabucan, Dumangas, Iloilo City, where she is working.

She was greatly impressed at how the old man was able to achieve his saving goal, that’s why she has decided to share it on social media.

According to her post, Tatay Rodrigo was able to save his 10 peso coins for the past 2 years and bought a brand-new motorcycle in cash.

By looking at the photos, the staff seems to have a bit of a hard time counting all the 10 peso coins that Tatay Rodrigo uses to pay for his motorcycle, but they had fun doing it because they were all inspired him.

Aside from being patient, Tatay Rodrigo is also quite wise, because he knew that buying motorcycles on installment basis, especially if you pick the longest term of 3 years to pay will cost twice the actual price of the unit. He had come up with this money saving strategy to avoid this additional cost.

The post immediately caught the attention of the netizens and they admired the old man, saying that it was good that he persevered and saved up because he was also able to save on additional fees.

As of this writing, the post has gained 10,000 reactions and 4,500 shares on Facebook.

source: buzzooks