Look: Jericho Rosales Equally Handsome and Talented Son is a Top Model in the Making

Being a parent is such a beautiful thing. It could be exasperating and stressful at times, but the love and satisfaction could never measure anything else.

Often, parents become the child’s role model. But the rewarding feeling of being a parent is endless. Here is the son of a famous actor who did not pursue showbiz, or at least not yet, but was able to make noise in social media and publicly.

Santino Rosales recently made news for his recent appearance in the world of fashion modeling. He is the son of Jericho Rosales, and former model Kai Palomares. Santino now pursues modeling and is slowly taking the industry by storm.

In the recent show by Ayala Style Origins: The Emoticons fashion show, the 17-year old, Santino Rosales participated along with Marco Suarez, Shermaine de Ramos, and Tricia Santos. He confidently showed off the clothes designed by Ayala Style Origins.


Santino Rosales currently stands at 6’1” which is taller than an average Filipino. Immensely taller indeed, and he is one of the newest members of Professional Models Association in the Philippines (PMAP).

According to Santino, “This year, I joined PMAP which is Professional Models Association in the Philippines, and I’m doing shows currently.” He added, “Right now, I’m doing the series for Style Origins.”


While Santino obviously loves fashion modeling, it appears he was influenced by his mother, Kai Palomares, to join the modeling industry. According to Santino, “People know my dad as someone from Showbiz, but what they don’t know if my mom was also a model before.”

He continued, “And that’s why I got influenced to be a model because, through her ways, she showed me how it’s very presentable, how it’s very classy. It just appealed to me, and it clicked for me right away.”


Jericho Rosales’ marriage to Kim Jones made a lot of people’s heart yearn for something like what the couple has, but when Santino was asked if he ever spends time with his father, he said, “He’s pretty good, he’s alright.

We get together every weekend. We try.” He even commented that he keeps a regular bonding time with his father and his wife, Kim Jones.


While Santino seems to be following her mother’s footsteps, will he ever try to follow his father’s? According to him, “I’ve seen the way the industry is, and I’ve seen the way it gets to you, and it doesn’t appeal to me.

I’d rather stay outside the limelight and also because of competition.” He continued, “People will start comparing me with my dad like what happens with other people, and I don’t want that. I’d rather build myself as my image, not as someone’s son.”


Santino expressed his gratitude for the number of opportunities presented to him. He said, “It’s fine, I use it to my advantage in the sense of opportunities because I understand that not everybody has the same opportunities as I have.” He continued, “But then you have to remember that you have to keep your head down and be humble. I’m grateful for it; I’m grateful that my parents are very supportive of me, my mom and my dad.”


Santino currently studies at Collegio de San Agustin and is graduating senior high school student.


He plays football for two teams, his school’s football varsity team and Kaya Football Club, a professional association football club in Makati. According to him, “I play football, I play for my school team, and then I also play for a club called Kaya FC. I’m in the under 17 team.”

With the looks he got from his parents, Santino will surely make more news and gain more fans. It’s a good thing he has the guidance of both his parents, which is like he has the best of both worlds.