Look: Grade 12 Students Who Inappropriately Answer The Basic Education Exit Assessment (BEEA), Goes Viral

Here in the Philippines, we have this Basic Education Exit Assessment or BEEA, that aims to determine the learning progress and attainment of learning standards of the Grade 12 Student.

The Department of Education held the Basic Education Exit Assessment (BEEA) in accordance with Memorandum no. 005, s. 2019; where students of grade 12 are subject to the exam – either public or private school last February 13 to 14.

This exam also aims to improve the education system here in the Philippines.

Sadly, there are some students who are not serious in answering this test and appears that they don’t understand the importance of answering the said exit assessment.

Recently on Facebook, Kassandra Alipones shared some photos of the test papers with answers taken from the most recent Basic Education Exit Assessment.

She does not specify the names of the school where this answer sheet came from.


Because it’s Valentine’s day, one student shades the answer sheet by creating a heart shape.

In another photo, instead of writing his name in the space provided, the student draws an image of a male private part.

One photo even displays a scenario-based question, where the student intentionally chose the most inappropriate answer.

In another post by Kassandra Alipones, she wrote:

“I hope na bigyan agad to ng action ng DEPED para naman matuto ang mga students na sumunod sa rules! babaliwalain lang to ng mga students pag di ito naaksyonan.”

Many netizens have expressed their feelings and got dismayed because the students did not take the exam seriously, knowing that it will not have any impact on their grades.

“Everyone is just so obsessed with creating the “perfect meme”, little did they know their brains are receding in size. I’m sorry Dr. Rizal, we failed you.”

“Ganito na ba ilang mga kabataan ngayon? Nakdidismaya, kinain na kayo ng social media!”

Meanwhile, a proctor of the said exam also shared his sentiments about this post. He also warned the students about the possible outcomes of this action to their school.

“As one of the proctors of BEEA, this offends me. Sobrang bawal niyan. Lalo na kitang kita mga important details diyan. Di lang trabaho ng mga proctors ang nakasalalay diyan, alam niyo bang dahil sa ginawa niyo may possibility na bumaba ang rating ng school niyo in terms of quality education? Tsk, tsk. Nakakalungkot ang mga ugali ng students ngayon.”