Look: Former Actress Rica Peralejo Shared Grateful Moments With Her Pastor Husband

Rica Peralejo was born as Regina Carla Bautista Peralejo on March 7, 1981. She started her career back in 1993 during her Ang TV years, and was considered as one of the famous Filipino actress, model, singer and host in the Philippines during the 90s.

The 37-year-old actress eventually tied the knot with Joseph “Joe” Bonifacio, a pastor of Every Nation Church and on January 17, 2014, she gave birth to a boy, Philip Nathaniel. She then chose to give up her showbiz career to focus on her family.

The former actress also tried daring and mature roles in the past, but she was blessed to marry a good man, even if she had an “awful past”.

Rica was only 27 years old when she met Pastor Joseph Bonifacio, but since then he had helped her strengthen her Christian faith.

The couple celebrated their 9th anniversary on February 5.

But prior to that, the former actress inspired many netizens when she shared on Instagram some of the precious moments on her wedding day. Rica shared a photo of her in tears during their wedding and wrote a lengthy caption that recounted the reason why it was the only time she cried during her wedding.

The former actress wrote, “This was the one and only part when I cried a lot during my wedding. It was when Franco Laurel was singing the song @davidbonifacio [her husband’s brother] wrote specifically for the event.”

That was the exact moment when she realized how blessed and loved she is.

“While listening I looked around and saw people and faces of such good and godly men and women in the room who covered us with so much love and spiritual authority,” she continued.

Rica said, “I was overwhelmed as I couldn’t so much reconcile how someone like me, who has had such awful past and a colorful lifestyle, could have such a noble and dignified wedding, and actually marry such a good and decent man?”

The former actress looked back and realized that despite her sins, God’s will prevails. “It was all new to me then but after nine years I have come to realize that when God has a will for you, it can’t and shan’t be taken away from you no matter how hard you fall in life,” she wrote.

In the last part of her post end, she reminded all the women who are going through or experienced the same thing that:

“Mistakes are part of life. But they shouldn’t define us.”

Source: virtualpinoy