Julia Barretto Shows Off Her Beach Body To Which Joshua Garcia Reacts

Julia Barretto or Julia Francesca Barretto in real life is a renowned Filipino actress of the present generation. She is currently in contract with the Kapamilya network, ABS-CBN.

Recently, the 21-year-old Kapamilya actress revealed why she prefers wearing nipple tape over a bra and later earned the moniker “Queen of the Flat-Chested Community.”

She even tweeted a photo of her smiling and holding a bulk of newly purchased nipple tapes, saying:

“kasi ito lang ang kayang kumapit”.

That being said, plenty of netizens expressed their admiration for her “bravery and self-acceptance” and gave their word to her that they love her for who she is. Needless to say, the actress sent waves of positivity not only among her female supporters but to the rest of the female community to embrace their own body types.

Following this, Julia again wowed the social media community with her newly-posted photos on her Instagram account about her ongoing vacation at an undisclosed location. What especially caught the eyes of the netizens was the one photo where the actress wore a one-piece swimsuit.

The photo was accompanied by an inspiring quote that says,

“It’s when you learn to love yourself that you learn to fly.”

A great number of her followers including her onscreen and rumored boyfriend Joshua Garcia have put their appreciation into words with regard to it.

The Kapamilya actor called dibs on the actress and commented that she belongs to him which made the JoshLia fans swoon over the two even more.

In addition to his comment, Joshua also posted another captivating photo of Julia on his Twitter account and expressed how much he misses her. The two is currently one of the most popular pairs in Philippine showbiz since pairing up in the hit movies “Vince and Kath and James” and “Love You to the Stars and Back.”

source: kami