Isabelle Daza Shared That She Doubles Her House Helpers Savings In The Bank Every End Of The Year

Last month, Isabelle Daza gained praises from netizens after she shared the official contract she made for her house helpers on her Instagram story. Her house helpers also get benefits like contribution to the Social Security System (SSS), PhilHealth, and Pag-ibig.

The 30-year-old actress continued to make headlines after her recent guesting in the late night talk show ‘Tonight with Boy Abunda.’

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During the interview, she opened up about how she helps her house helpers save money by doubling their savings in the bank account she opened for them at the end of the year.

The kind-hearted actress did this to also encourage them to save money.

According to her, “I gave them a bank account, I said ‘Okay, pag December na titignan ko kung magkano na naipon mo and dodoblehin ko.’

“I think that gets them to have a target also. And that makes them feel that this isn’t finite, this amount, every month,” she added

Photo credits: Isabelledaza | Instagram 

The actress shared more details about the house helpers’ contract that she previously posted on her Instagram Stories, giving the credit to her husband Adrien Semblat.

According to her, it’s her husband’s idea to create a contract with their house helpers by listing down their deliverables, key performance indicators, and rest time, among other things, she said, “It protects both parties. So you can’t get mad at them for forgetting your charger when it’s not their job. I told them, ‘Listen, I can’t fire you just because I’m in a bad mood or I’m hungry.’”

Photo credits: Isabelledaza | Instagram 

She also added, “It also gives them dignity, I think, to have a piece of paper. People are always scared to lose their jobs, right? So I also had to explain to my helpers that, Listen, I can’t fire you just because I’m in a bad mood, or I’m hungry. I wanted them to have something [so] they can sleep better.”

Aside from the regular rest days, Isabelle further explained that it’s also stated in their contract that their house helpers are also entitled to vacations.

Photo credits: Isabelledaza | Instagram 

She said, “Tayo nga napapagod working five times a week—why do we expect them to be in our house seven days a week?”

Tito Boy then asked the actress about the initial reaction of their house helpers to the contract, Isabelle answers:

“They were very touched because they didn’t feel that they deserved one.”