Garbage Collector’s Daughter Graduates From College and Inspires Netizens on Social Media

A daughter of a 51-year-old Filipino graduated from college through her dad’s work as a garbage collector for 20 years now.

Photo credits: GMA Public Affairs | Youtube

Tatay Cristito Quimado was featured on GMA News and Public Affairs’ DigiDokyu which showed how he works hard at his job every single day, waking up at 3 AM to collect other people’s trash and often getting injuries from picking up broken glass. All these he has to endure in order to put all his four children to school.

Photo credits: GMA Public Affairs | Youtube

Tatay Cristito said his work is not easy, but he insisted that he does it for his family. He said: “I do it for my family, for my kids. Education is the only thing I can leave my children.”

In spite of making barely P500 a day, Cristito said he’ll continue doing everything he can to support his family. “As a father, you will do everything just to support the needs of your family. You can endure any kinds of job as long as it is not illegal [for your family].”

The video also showed his daughter Jenny Rose, who has graduated from college with a degree in Nutrition and Food Technology, talking about how grateful she is to her father and how proud she is of him, and how she plans to start working so that she can help support her dad and her siblings’ schooling.

Photo credits: GMA Public Affairs | Youtube

Jenny said she was never ashamed to say her dad is a garbage collector. She thanked him for enabling her to graduate against all odds. She said: “I thank God for giving me my dad. He has a noble job. It’s okay even if his earnings are small; at least he’s not doing anything illegal.”

With the DigiDokyu episode, the family has gotten a lot more help than they expected. Through a Facebook post, Jenny Rose said that an international non-profit organization, Lifted International, was moved by their online video and offered to extend some help to their family.

Jenny Rose and her siblings met Lifted’s Norm Schriever when he flew to the Philippines. She expressed her gratitude to Norm and to everyone who has reached out to them.

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