Former Anorexic Woman Reveals How Chocolate Saved her from Crippling Starvation, Now She Lives a Healthy Lifestyle

At first glance, one would conclude that the 21-year-old Annie Windley was all skin and bones. According to Yahoo Philippines, the young woman did not expect that her once the fear of becoming fat would lead her to an eating disorder.

Windley lived off a single piece of bread filled with jam before as her staple food on a daily basis. She said she felt good when people complimented her as she started losing weight. But as time went by, this became an eating disorder and she eventually turned into an anorexic.

It is a psychological and potentially life-threatening eating disorder where patients suffer from an extremely low body weight relative to their height and body type.

These people frequently fear to gain weight and have a distorted body image that they often believe they appear much heavier than they actually are. They purge themselves after eating by exercising excessively, vomiting, or abusing laxatives.

Due to of her condition and her bizarre physique, Windley got bullied by plenty of people. Apart from being skin and bones, her life was also threatened by serious heart disease. Then came a day back in October 2017 where she suddenly craved for certain chocolate.

Much to her surprise, this unusual craving of hers became the signal to go back to her once healthy state. The chocolate didn’t leave her everyday diet, along with extreme caution and eating healthy foods.

As of this writing, Windley is confident now that her self-esteem is once again intact. She left a piece of advice for others on her Instagram post, saying:

“If there’s even a slight chance at getting something that will mae you happy, risk it!Life’s too short ang happiness is too rare…”