Father in China Arrives As ‘Iron Man’ In Kindergarten School To Prove That her Daughter is Not A Liar

Recently, this father in Beijing, China went above and beyond to cheer his daughter up by showing up at her school in a full Iron Man suit.

It all started when the father, Bao Guojian, 34, noticed that his daughter, Lele would often come home from kindergarten looking depressed.

The 7-year-old little girl told his father that her classmates accused her of lying and kept teasing her for claiming that her father is the superhero, Iron Man.

The loving father, who is an avid Marvel fan and a talented prop maker said that he has decided to create his own version of Tony Stark’s armor after watching the movie “Iron Man” in 2008.

With that, we already have an idea why her daughter thought that her dad is Iron Man because she had probably seen him a couple of times wearing the said costume.

Determined to put the smile back on his daughter’s face, he went to his daughter’s school and put on his most prized possession, Iron Man’s Mark 17 suit and made his way to her kindergarten.

While he only planned to show the suit off to his child’s classmates to defend her daughter’s honor, it caught so much attention that even the headmaster declared all classes to be postponed for the entire day, just so that the students could take photos with him.

On that day, he became an instant celebrity at the school, while also cheering his daughter up immensely.

He said,

“My daughter was so happy on that day, she kept walking in front of me while holding my hand, telling everyone she saw that ‘this is my dad.”

In an interview, Lele’s father revealed that the incredible Iron Man costume took him two years and more than 30,000 Chinese Yuan (US$4,460.00) – from the designing to the sculpting and assembling.

Bao Guojian’s passion for prop making began in 2013, since then he has made 20 to 30 replicas of Marvel Comics characters, including The Vulture, Spider-man and Captain America.