Creative Family Converts their Ceiling Space into Playroom for their Kids – and it’s Awsome

If you’re living in a small house, reorganizing their furniture is what people usually do to maximize the use of their space. But what if you’re planning to add a new house features, say for example an extra room for your child and creating a new room is not possible.

This family had had a different solution, aside from just reorganizing their furniture – they looked up.

Angie and her family desperately needed a dedicated work space and playroom for her kids. But the problem is they only have two bedrooms in their house which is already occupied.

All of a sudden, they came up with the creative idea of building a loft where they can build a dedicated room for working and playing. She then considered utilizing the ceiling area and had her husband and father-in-law immediately went to work to build the clever and creative loft.

They first started to work on the flooring and things started to take shape after it was installed.

Then they put railings to make the space safe for kids, they also added some furniture such as cabinet, a book shelf, a working desk that holds the computer and printer and some toys and decorations to make it functional and attractive for the kids. Here’s the before and after photo of the project.

Now, Angie and her kids can enjoy their little place of their own, where they can play and have fun, and maybe even get a little work done.

Check out these photos on how they completed this DIY work space and playroom project,

The final result looks amazing, and in case you also need an additional room in your house, you might want to consider this effective idea.

Thanks to this creative mom and her family for showing us how to make the most of our small-space situation with this clever idea.

source: elitereaders