Check Out The Viral Photo Of This 80-Year-Old Grandpa Who Was Caught ‘Stealing’ Photo Of His Wife

The viral photo of this elderly couple has been winning hearts of many people around the world. The old couple in Mexico, namely Emilio Sanchez and his wife, Teresa Regla have proven that a long and lasting love still exists – and that even old people can still feel so excited about love.

Emilio Sanchez wrote in a Facebook post, “I am 80 years old, I have Facebook, I have an intelligent cell phone and a wife that I love and has been with me for the last 55 years of my life.”

Emilio Sanchez is already 80 years old and has been married to his wife, Teresa Regla, for 55 years, but it seems as if he is still as in love with her like the first time they met.

The old couple attended the wedding of their granddaughter when the photo was taken by the eagle-eyed photographer Edmundo Cambron who was covering the event.

According to the photographer, he was taking photos when he got curious as to why the old man was leaning forward a bit, with his cellphone angled to the side, he then realized that he was actually trying to secretly take a photo of his wife, that’s why he immediately snapped photos of their sweet moment.

After the wedding, Edmundo shared it on social media with the caption. “It’s one of the best moments I saw while documenting a wedding.”

As seen in the viral photo, the old man appears that he knows very well how to handle his smartphones when he was caught on camera as he was ‘stealing’ a photo of his beautiful wife.

The photographer’s post instantly went viral and received thousands of comments from netizens who got inspired by their story. Some netizens wishes that they could also find someone who would love them just like the old man, Emilio loves his wife, while others even tagged their partners.