Brother of 2019 Architecture Exam Topnotcher Reveals Inspiring Photo of His Sister’s Room

You might have heard a couple of times that hard work is the key to success. While some people believe that luck strikes down on a person at times, the reality is that achievements are impossible without hard work. One can never gain anything if they sit and wait for their luck to come.

This is what Justine Lei Ramos, the topnotcher in the January 2019 Architecture Licensure Examinations (ALE), demonstrated. Hailing from Alegria, southern Cebu, Justine works toward building a dream house for her family. This is for the same reason that the young woman took up Architecture at Cebu Institute of Technology-University (CIT-U).

Initially, she took up BS Medical Technology but eventually became aware of the fact that the course didn’t bring her joy. She didn’t even exert an effort to prevail over the challenges presented by her subjects. That’s when she understood that her heart belongs to Architecture.

Justine’s father used to be an overseas Filipino worker (OFW), supporting his family and sending his children to school. However, he was forced to come back to the Philippines last year as a result of his former company’s retrenchment. The incident sparked off Justine’s determination to pass the board exams even more.

Her father might have told her to be after one of the Top 10, but he also gave his word that simply passing the board exams is gratifying, nonetheless. But much to their surprise, Justine went beyond their expectations by topping the exams with a score of 83.80%! Her proud brother, Sean Ramos, even shared photos of his sister’s room nearly covered with notes.

“All the hardwork and sleepless nights had paid off! This is my sister’s room. Top 1 in 2019 Architecture Licensure Examination ?? Lei Ramos,” the young man wrote in a Facebook post.

Plenty of netizens expressed their disbelief as well as their admiration for Justine. Some even said that they might emulate her technique on how to review for an upcoming board exam.

source: rachfeed