19-Year-Old Male Who Floats in the Sea for 49 Days is Saved by His Bible

After seven consecutive weeks of floating on a fish trap amidst the endless sea, a 19-year-old male identified as Aldi Adilang was finally rescued by authorities.

According to reports, it was Adilang’s job to look after the fishing lamp in the fish trap when he was unfortunately carried away by the strong current – the reason why he got lost in the middle of nowhere.

He didn’t even have a paddle with him at the time so he wasn’t able to prevent the waves from taking him farther away. The fish trap was apparently washed off to Guam where it already came across the Pacific Ocean.

The young man almost lost hope as he already consumed all of his food in just a span of a few days. He even drank sea water which he filtered using his clothes just to satisfy his hunger and thirst. Nearly 10 ships have already passed by him, but it was surprising that they didn’t take notice of Adilang.

As time went by, he became hopeless that he would be able to come back home. It came to a point where he wanted to end his life by jumping off the ocean. But he suddenly remembered his parents’ teaching that during difficult times like that, only the Almighty God would be able to save him.

So instead of jumping off the sea, he picked up his bible on the fish trap instead and read it. Miraculously, a cargo ship en route to Japan passed by and spotted the young man.

Even though the rescue didn’t come easy as the large cargo ship might destruct the fish trap, Adilang was beyond grateful that he was already rescued from the ordeal. He firmly believes that his strong faith in God was what saved him from the grave danger he was previously in.

Teen rescued after 49 days at sea