10 Bad Habits You Must Quit Doing in Order to Have a Healthy Relationship

It’s somewhat absurd how some people keep doing the same thing over and over even when they know it’s wrong. Clearly, for this reason, we are behind the times in some significant aspects of our lives including our relationships.

We may keep on growing vigorously in terms of a breakthrough in modern innovations, but we fail to take heed of these 10 bad habits we need to break off once and for all.

10. Health

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We always try to hide our health concerns from our partner in the hopes to not become a burden to them. But really, we need not complicate things. Tell your partner about your health issues so you may not face it alone. You’re not an immortal after all.

9. Intimate Moments

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It’s normal that when you get in the later part of a relationship, you tend to get past the yearning for intimate moments. It might be because of stress or being preoccupied with work. Either way, you need to bear in mind that physical intimacy is an enormous element when it comes to a relationship.

8. Funny and Weird Habits

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Given that each and every one of us including our significant other has our own strange habits, it’s best to try to open up and share your own quirks as well. Who knows? The two of you actually share a mannerism or two.

7. Indifference Towards Kids

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There is a proper time for everything. The same goes for having kids. Since this is a very critical part of any relationship, the best way to go is to talk the matter through with your partner. You may always decide to put off having one, but make it a point that you both go through family planning before anything else.

6. Financial Issues

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Don’t be reluctant about telling your partner that you’re going through financial issues. It might not be the easiest thing to do, but it’s crucial to express that you don’t have the money at the moment to buy this or that. Given that the family budget is an important matter in a relationship, you must learn to discuss it with your significant other.

5. Partner’s Drawbacks and/or Failures

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In any case of mishap, it’s simply best to discuss the matter with your spouse or partner first before putting the blame on him/her. You need to be calm and avoid emotion to get the best of you.

4. The Right to Stay Alone

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As opposed to what we were made to believe, our right to be alone still remains even when we are already married to someone. Being alone is very helpful at times as we are able to focus more on our own thoughts. It’s healthy that you and your partner give each other a much needed “me-time” to meditate and relax.

3. Personal Issues

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While some people prefer to remain silent about things to avoid further confrontations, it is still better to converse about the issues surrounding your relationship. This way, the chances to resolve them right away is rather high.

2. Parents

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When any of your parents start to control your life as a couple, then it’s time to have a heart-to-heart conversation with your partner with regard to it. Remind him/her that the two of you are separate bodies from them who have your own family.

1. Plans for the Future

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Whatever your endeavor or future plans in life is, feel free to share it with your partner. Not only will they appreciate it, but they will also feel loved even more since you include them in your aspirations.

source: elitereaders