“Wow Mali” Moment: Christmas Gift Which Looks Like a Stand Fan Turns Out to be Different Funny Things

A Christmas gift which seems like a stand fan has been making rounds on social media lately after which it was found out that different silly things were actually inside.

A Facebook post shared by the page DYOSA POCKOH with photos courtesy of Francis Valle Suayan has recently gone viral on the social media platform. Since it was posted, it has already garnered over 2,000 comments, almost 14,000 shares, and more than 26,000 reactions.

“‘Yong mali ang hula mo,” according to the caption of the photos.

In the first photo, a carefully wrapped gift can be seen which appears to be a stand fan based simply on the shape of the packaging itself. Moreover, a pink ribbon was placed which adds to the excitement of the lucky one who would receive it during the exchange gift portion at the Christmas party.

Photo credits: DYOSA POCKOH | Facebook

However, the real content of the present was nowhere near what anyone expected it to be. As it turned out, various things were inside which were intentionally formed in the shape of a stand fan. These include a hanger, washing basin, dustpan, among many other things.

“Yung akala mo naka-jackpot ka sa bunutan, ‘wow, electric fan.’ Nagbabalatkayo lang pala. Hahaha. ‘Ika nga, DONT JUDGE THE GIFT BY ITS COVER,” said one netizen. “Don’t judge a gift by its shape,” said another. “Expectation vs. Reality = Creativity.”

Photo credits: DYOSA POCKOH | Facebook

Even though the receiver was pranked, the gift surely brought joy not only to him or her but also to thousands of netizens who have chanced upon the photos. On the other hand, some netizens stated that the gift was better off that way since one needs to be practical these days.

According to others, if they were in the receiver’s shoe, they would rather thank the gift-giver so much since the items inside of the present suit their needs.